Born in 1986, Mario Carboni (AKA The Honky-Tonk Rebel) is a one of a kind pianist and vocalist from the great state of Oregon.

“I started playing piano at the age of 9 months,” is what he’ll tell you if asked, and since then he has played 4000+ shows to date as a professional pianist and entertainer.

He has studied with numerous teachers, including studying trumpet and piano at the renowned Oregon jazz school at Mount Hood College.

A few significant performances include:

- Performing for the Governor at the state capitol in Salem, Oregon

- Touring Taiwan in 2005 and performing for the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival on the banks of the Love River for thousands of people

- Performing in Alaska

- Performing in Arizona

Local performances include venues such Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival (the largest blues festival west of the Mississippi), Portland International Airport, and many more.

A few notable things said by others about Mario:

"...thanks for being a keeper of the flame.”
Norman Leyden, a legendary musician and one of the last living artists today who worked with Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett.

" my friend Mario, keep on ticklin’ them ivories.”
The late great “Original Snakeboy” (friends with Stevie Ray Vaughan) weighed in his opinion before passing.

The Honky-Tonk Rebel has also shared the stage with Wayne "The Train" Hancock and played with Mic Gillette of Tower of Power.

Manny Renov, a well known drummer from New Orleans who played till he was 90, performed a number of shows with Mario.